Famous Beer Factory "Bier und Porterbrauerei und Malzfabrik C. Stritzky", built in 1887 by a German businessman Carl Christoff von Stritzky, it is mentioned in all catalogues and directories of the second half of the XIX century as a powerful component of industrial Riga.

In 2009 it has been completely renovated to become a thriving B+ office and trade center of 7135.9m2. The developers of "Valdemāra Pasāža" have elaborated to save the original style and to create a unique working environment that is a source of inspiration for companies that work in these facilities. Ancient wooden architecture in the office premises on the attic floors is fully preserved. Many office spaces have extraordinary windows, exposed brick walls and wooden fragments.

Being one of the best equipped commercial properties in the city of Riga and occupying a truly convenient central location, today "Valdemāra Pasāža" is famous for hosting some of the most creative and innovative businesses in Latvia.